Post-Sign Up

Post-Sign Up

Your Welcome Pack has been received! Now what?

Q. I've filled out my Welcome Pack and submitted my documentation, now what?
A. You've gotten through the hardest part! Congrats! I now 100% take over while you sit back and relax. Assuming that I can login to your credit monitoring and that you've provided the relevant identification, now I get to work and put in a ton of manual labor. (Sounds difficult, right? That's because it is!). You can find Service FAQ's here, and Program Timing here. Both of these pages will answer your questions about when you'll receive your analysis, analyzer, dispute letter copies, and dispute portal. It's highly recommended that you browse this important info. 

Q. I'm lost. I have some questions. 
A. Not a problem. Use the icon at the bottom-right of the page to submit a ticket or search through the knowledge base and I will help as quickly as possible. 

Q. When should I expect to see updates on my account? 
A. You may find that information here

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